09 February 2007

Most Men Give Flowers...

I'm back! At least, for now. Sorry to keep everyone in the dark for a couple of MONTHS now, but it hasn't been an uneventful time, nor time wasted. More to come later.

JR took over the Campus RKBA report, since he liked the idea so much. He did a great job of it, and when I fully get back to blogging...well, you'll have TWO sources for Campus gun opinions.

Anyway, since this is the month of February, and a young man's thoughts turn to flowers and edible underwear, I thought I would share with you a slight deviation from the box of chocolates approach to showing a woman your fondness for her.

Don't read too much into the word "deviation," you sickos.

I have a friend I have been keeping an eye on for a few years now. I'm a slow mover, been burnt royally one too many times, so I'm not all that keen on just rushing into something (but if I know something's good, and it's available, I am quite tenacious). At any rate, since she's studying away from home, her dad decided to get her a .40 Glock for self-defense.

If you knew her dad, you wouldn't be surprised. I went to visit his shop in town, and he was eager to show off the new Benelli he had bought. And let me shoot a few shells right in the backyard (only in backwoods AK can you do something like that)!

Come to think of it, the whole family is like that. I just finished helping her sister & brother-in-law move, including his rifles, pistols, and reloading supplies. Great! Now I won't have to go so far to reload .44s and .45s.

Anyway, she is living part time in a house our farm owns to give the guys working in Fairbanks a place to stay during the week. So, during my week out there, I had decided (probably intentionally) to take my pistols on up and clean them.

In the process, I offered to clean her Glock as well. She thanked me very much, but thought it probably didn't need it.

So, as a follow up, I went into town and bought her a box of...




Left it on her desk with a note attached. When she came back to the farm the next week, she thanked me very much for the ammo.

Don't know if it will lead anywhere, but hey, what a story to tell the kids if it does. "You know, the first gift I ever gave your mother was a box of ammo..."