28 February 2006

Who Cares what Iran Says?

From NewsMax:

Iran's foreign minister said Tuesday his nation opposed atomic weapons,

Well isn't that nice.

They say Islam is a religion of peace, too.
Hitler said his regime promoted "positive Christianity."
David Koresh said he was Christ.
Bill Clinton said "I did not have sex with that woman" and "I didn't inhale."
Chuck Schumer says he supports the 2nd Amendment.

Ain't it wonderful what people can say?

and the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency had not found any proof it was trying to manufacture them.

Who said this again? The U.N. or Iran quoting the U.N.? The same U.N. that ran the "food for oil" scam? Either way, I'm willing to bet it wasn't worth the hot air generated to belch it.

My Contribution to the Upcoming Carnival of Cordite

I don't have anything in .50 myself, but fortunately, I know those that do!

This one I have to credit to a fellow on my list over at Myspace, a fellow Deagle owner (but he has it in .50AE), demonstrating the massive fireball you can get with certain loads:

And then there's this neat animated .gif another friend on that same list (also a Deagle owner, but he just likes big calibers, period...at least, as much as you can enjoy them in Kalifornia):


26 February 2006

Handgun Coleslaw, Redux

As promised, I made yet another visit to the compost heap, but today's experiment came with a bonus. My next-door neighbor came along, with his 1911.

A 9mm, which lent a lot of insight into the lighter-faster vs. heavier-slower argument that has been going on between wondernine advocates and old-school .45ers.

Case in point: The Cor-Bon performed slightly better than the standard 230gr FMJ load I had used before. It dug a noticeable channel through the cabbage, and as you can see in this video, knocked the target around a little when hit.

Rich's Wondernine: You could hardly tell you hit the target. Closer examination of the cabbage showed entry & exit, but you had none of the break-apart devastation you saw with the .45 and .44.

Naturally, the Desert Eagle gave the most satisfactory, and visually entertaining results, especially this special shot we set up, putting the camera next to the cabbage.

Click here to watch the video.

My conclusions so far? You don't have to settle for just faster-lighter or slower-heavier. You can get the best of both worlds--the heavier weight bullet and the higher muzzle velocities--with a good .44 magnum.

The experiment isn't totally complete. We have yet another neighbor with a .40 who would like to get in on it. Watch for the post when it happens!

Idiot Watch: Cindy Sheehan and the Gulf States

Ok, so I'm backing off on my call to ease up on the Cindy-slamming. So sue me.

For those of you who haven't seen this already, the left's Medienhure des Tages decides to loan her "star power" to "call attention to" the devastation Louisiana and its neighboring states are still suffering under.

Click here to watch the video.

The question naturally arises--what on earth does Cindy have anything to do with the victims of Hurricane Katrina?

The Fox Anchorwoman in the interview asked Cindy the same thing. Her response: "I believe the hurricane and the war are intimately connected."

Double-take. The hurricane and the war are intimately connected.



Let's attempt to understand this intimate connection, shall we?

Bush is responsible for the hurricanes; Bush is responsible for Iraq. Wow. I didn't realize the Executive branch had power to levy war and create weather patterns. I wonder if the "living document" theory gave him those abilities somewhere along the way.

Iraq has a Gulf to the south; Louisiana has a Gulf to the south...both are Gulf States! Aha! The intimate connection gets clearer all the time!

We sent troops to New Orleans; we sent troops to Iraq. Both have looters and "insurgents." Man, this intimate connection stuff is exciting!

Louisiana and Iraq both have an "i" and an "a" in their names!

Getting back to the interview...what should we do about this "intimate connection?" Sheehan, in her wisdom, says we should "quit dumping money in the war in Iraq, bring our tax dollars home, and help Americans who need the help."

I get it. If you're in uniform, you're not an American. That's OK--it's to be expected from a Moonbat.

Then, of course, there's her talk with Hugo Chavez--go find an intimate connection there! Hold on, Venezuela is a Gulf State, too, it gets hurricanes, there's a big looter in the Casona, and it has an "a" in the name.

Anyway, she talked with Chavez about "how we can forge bonds between our countries that won't involve any kind of violence. I am adamantly opposed to killing, killing in any way."

Eye twitch.


25 February 2006

Sharia Law Comes West

Evan Coyne Maloney of Brain-Terminal has an interesting article on how Western Mainstream Media has already caved into Sharia Law. Check out his article.

While you're at it, try to download a copy of his independent film "Brainwashing 101." It gives some examples of how our institutions of higher learning are becoming no more than leftist political puppy mills.

The video is 79MB, but well worth the download. If only to get a glimpse of Glenn Reynolds.

On the lighter side of the same subject, check out IMAO's podcast from August 22.

And I have 10 rounds of Cor-Bon 200gr +P JHP ready to terrorize another cabbage with. I'll do that for my break from researching for my history class. Digital camera will be in tow...

24 February 2006

Cindy Sheehan in Germany

Read this over at Black Five: Sheehan is protesting against the war...no surprise there, but she's protesting against the use of a facility in Germany that treats our returning wounded.

I can understand her position. She lost her son, so why should anyone else get theirs back?

OK, OK, I'm about to get worked up here. About all the trips she's making (Venezuela, now Germany?), all paid for by the blood of her son, whose honor she is pissing on with every protest she makes.

But you know, the more we bitch about it, the more we're giving her what she wants...attention. And the more we're giving the leftist cause what it wants--an open ear to hear their twisted side of the story, regardless of the facts that this is a justified war.

And Casey Sheehan honored it with his sacrifice. I'll drink a Silver Gulch to you tonight, son.

So, we need to handle this smarter...not ignore her outright (that would cut off many to the voices of reason we represent), but treat it like the low-priority matter it is. Watch her star fizzle and be forgotten.

Today's Experiment: Coleslaw with a .45

A few weeks ago, I had read about exploits involving the Desert Eagle making fruit salad. Magnum Research has some videos you can download showing a .44 pulverizing pineapples and clobbering coconuts. Elsewhere online, a Deagle owner was boasting about his ability to massacre melons at distances of 100 yards.

Myself, having the hardware and not wanting to be left out of the fun, decided to duplicate similar results. Since the wanton destruction of yet-edible fruit seems rather wasteful to me, I decided to make use of one of the many old cabbages we had lying around our compost heap.

So, one day while cleaning out our root cellar of some rotten carrots, while en route to the compost heap, I stopped by the house to gather up my .44 Mark VII Desert Eagle, as well as my digital camera to capture the moment.

For those interested in seeing the experiment in progress, you can click here to watch the video. Play with the slider some. If you look close enough, you will see that pieces of it are still falling down around the time I turn around to laugh.

Of course, video does not do justice to actually being there. Bits of cabbage flew everywhere, and as high as 20 to 30 feet.

Here's a still of the end result:

The cabbage was as big as my head. A single shot blew it in half, and plowed a noticeable channel through the center as thick as my thumb.

So, conclusion:

frozen cabbage + .44 magnum (240gr JHP American Eagle, rated muzzle velocity of 1180 fps, fired through a 6-inch barrel) = Instant Coleslaw

The moose that hang around the compost pile seemed to enjoy the treat. When I came back to the compost heap today to burn some trash, I looked for the remains of the cabbage. It was gone. Even the bits that were sprinkled all around the box I had set the target on were gone. But there were a lot of moose tracks around.

Today's fun with firearms attempted a variation of the same theme, but this time using my H&K USP45, loaded with Federal 230gr JHP.

Before the experiment:
same sort of cabbage, same staging ground...

...and interesting results, but nowhere near as impressive as the .44. Of course, we are dealing with a slightly lighter bullet, different design bullet, and about half the powder charge (and 72% of the muzzle velocity and only 50% of the energy--850fps and 370 ft/lbs, respectively).

I've uploaded that video on putfile.com as well. Click here to watch it. I actually hit the cabbage on the third shot in the video (I edited out the rest of the near misses. Yeah, I was having an off day, but in my own defense, I can say I hit near it each time), have to reposition it, then hit it with each successive shot until I empty the magazine.

You also see bits of the cabbage flinging everywhere, but they don't fly nearly as high as with the .44 magnum.

The end result:

Something similar, but requiring more shots to get there.

Next on the docket: the effects of .45 JHP +P Cor-Bon on a Frozen Cabbage.

Are we having fun yet?

Native Problems

Before I actually get into my experiment, allow me to briefly talk about a little idiosyncrasy of Alaskan life.

Farmers and gardeners in Alaska have a problem:


They're disease-carrying, noisy pests that will fly off with groceries left on the back of your truck.

This shot was taken outside of our pig yard, where ravens have decided to take over. Honestly, about two days ago, I was driving past while taking a heap of trash to be burned, and there must have been 40 of them congregating around the yard, on the ground, fence, feed buckets, or in nearby trees.

Now, normally, the solution to such a problem might entail something like this:

Or better yet, a good shotgun.

Unfortunately, native culture demands that we white folk not do violence against their ancestors' reincarnated spirits, which really doesn't help Native reputation, given their behavior...

Me: "Hey, did you see that bastard fly off with my pack of luncheon meat?"
Nathaniel John: "Oh yeah, that's my ancestor"
Me: "What, was Gramps a shoplifter or something?"

Now, we can still blast them, but at the risk of incurring a $500 fine and having it go on your legal record. But thankfully, when you live in a rural area, hunting for "natives" can sometimes go unnoticed.

Still, we're looking to do things a little more legally, and are talking with Fish & Game about getting a sanction for a deterrent. Basically, we shoot one, hang it in the problem area, and the remaining ravens pretty much stay away.

We'll see how that pans out. I'll post pictures when it happens.

Friday Catblogging!

Hey, it qualifies! Posted by Picasa

But for you purists, here is something more, er, conventional?

Chavez Hijacks the Airline Industry!

Hugo's getting serious about you Gringos...better stand up and take notice!

Chavez to ban Delta, Continental Airlines

This throws a major wrench in how we can travel. I mean, I see nations collapsing over this.

Francisco Plaz, president of the National Aviation Institute, said Thursday the action was taken because the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration had established a similar ban on some Venezuelan carriers serving routes to the United States 10 years ago due to safety violations and has failed to recognize improvements since then.

The last Venezuelan carrier I flew on was Servivensa in '98. It was OK, but the upholstery still followed '60s color schemes and instead of an inflight movie, they played Bingo.

There were no chickens running around, however. That's one sure way to become flight service non grata in North America.

But the way they ran things was not terribly impressive. I was at the airport in enough time to catch my flight to Caracas (from Miami), and because of bungling at the front desk, I and several others missed our flight. I did reschedule, but it meant arriving at an hour when you do not want to be running around Caracas.

Leaving the country from the airport was an experience. It was the first time I got frisked (due to drug running concerns), had to pay $60 to leave the country (an "exit tax" or something like that), and I spent the whole flight with a very flirtatious ex-stewardess in my face the whole time.

That part wasn't too bad, but she was sick, and I spent the better part of the following week recovering from whatever it was she had.

23 February 2006

These are a few of my favorite things... Posted by Picasa

They've got their turbans wrapped too tight!

Over the last month, it has been quite an interesting trip watching the Islamists melt down time and again.

With the Cartoons--they've ripped up the wrong flag, attacked the wrong country, again, burned down a restaurant with no stake in the matter (I think they thought the Colonel's name was Hans Christian Sandersen)...

And they blame everyone else but themselves, as exemplified by the video in this post, further demonstrated by blaming the cartoons on some sort of Zionist conspiracy, and repeat their favorite excuse (i.e., it's all the fault of the U.S. and Israel) once again as a lame explanation for the bombings of a Shiite Mosque.

You see, it's a vicious cycle with these idiots. They get pissed, decide to blow something up, and when the world reacts in a way they didn't particularly like (say, by showing some backbone instead of cowering in fear and buckling to their demands), they get pissed some more, and go blow something else up.

Ahhhhh, Mohammedan diplomacy. You know, I didn't know that the Koran's prescription for circumcision included taking a knife to your frontal lobe as well. That's why they wear turbans!

As for Ahmadinej(ih)ad, he covers his scars with a toupee.

Now, some meathead in a black turtleneck and a dainty little bottle of Dasani will protest, "Well, the West started all this" and point to the Crusades.

(Kind of like this moron--this Nicholas Baptiste--with an absolutely ridiculous spin on WWII. This, my friends, is your brain on leftist-spin historical revisionism.)

Bullsh*t. I studied the Crusades. The one that started them off was a reaction to Muslim aggression, that is, forcibly taking Jerusalem. Get your facts straight.

They are almost always the ones to pick a fight first, even though they are not quite clear why they are so pissed, or at whom.


SUCCESSES ALL AROUND! Allow me, if you will, to share with you my small victories over the past 24 hours.

#1: I managed to manipulate my Blog Template enough to reflect its intended personality enough. And I am ready to post away!

#2: After many a rejection, I managed to slip my latest picture through the screeners of the Million Moonbat March! I was certain this one was NOT getting through. Meine Güte, I do believe I had the good fortune of having a toker on shift reviewing the submissions.

#3: Dylan Klebold of Columbine fame slips through the Mary-Jane haze, lamenting from beyond the grave (or the fires of hell) how armed neighbors (or classmates or teachers) keep him from "Approaching" them.

#4: Hermann Göring, Feldmarschall of the Third Reich, explains why, as a former chief figure of a fascist regime, he would support a gun control initiative.

These are all heaped on top of my first success to hijack the petition: Azzat Ibrahim Al-Douri, one of Saddam's inner-circle bastards.

More to come...

22 February 2006

The Inaugural Post

OK, it's not my first step into the blogosphere. Actually, my first step involved posting some Christian-themed teachings and reflections over at a site I had set up on Tripod in the mid-to-late '90s, before blogging became the smoothly-engineered (?) rage it is now.

In 2003, I had one set up on my community's server dealing with faith, politics, and world events (now long neglected), and for the last few months was a regular on the provisions made for blogging over at Myspace (mostly dealing with RKBA and the idiocy so commonly displayed by the Left, and discussing various displays of Islamostupidity).

Problem with Myspace, you can't really do much in the way of interaction with the "outside world." I had hopped on the crusade to show how ridiculous the Million Moonbat March is, and in the course of that, came into contact with like-minded souls like David Codrea of War on Guns.

Let me explain the MMM and the method folk like David, myself, the South Park Pundit (from whom I first heard about it), Cowboy Blob, and others have approached it: It's an "online petition" at controlarms.org, which is a quaint way of saying "an exercise in vain leftist futility." They may very well get their million signatures (supposedly they're 75% of the way there already), but some of them are repeat offenders (I've signed up five times myself, using different names)--not that this changes anything in the moonbat mentality; you can die and still be an eligible voter in their sight.

Secondly, who's going to do something about it? The U.N.? Both of their cojones are star-spangled, and for as long as we have the 2nd Amendment, they're not going to do much in the way of passing any sort of small arms treaty, at least, not any with teeth. And even in the snowball's chance in hell probability that whatever treaty/resolution does get passed, they are going to have one hell of a time doing something about the hundreds of millions of small arms already in circulation. In fact, it would only increase the demand of personal small arms, for, as you know, nothing creates more demand in an item than forbidding it.

So, to demonstrate both the vacuousness of the petition, and the dangerous ramifications of gun control, gunbloggers have been signing up for it, posting either their own faces with a jab, like this rough dude below:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

(That's my fourth attempt to get my face on their petition. David has the other attempts on his blog.)

Or we've been finding pictures of famous dictators, despots, criminals, sex offenders, and putting them online. We've seen Pol Pot, Hugo Chavez, several famous Nazis (one more will be there if "Manuel" can make the cut:)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

oh, and murderers, too, like this homey:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

You get the idea. Unsavory types who would love for you to be less capable of defending yourself.

At any rate, I wrote all that to explain how this particular blog came to be. So now you know.

And now, it is rather late, and I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.