09 May 2007

Flying with Guns?

Mark Solomon's very informative website tells you almost everything you need to know about taking your firearms with you when you travel by air.

I'll be leaving for NC in about two days, and have been debating whether or not to take my two handguns with me. Conforming to the security guidelines laid out by the TSA, Alaska Air, and Northwest Airlines don't bother me. I can live with them.

But, what does bother me is the potential for them getting lost while being handled. I have heard that lost luggage is becoming more and more a problem nowadays, and I really do not want to deal with losing $2,000-$3,000 worth of hardware because of someone else's lack of responsibility.

So, if anyone thinks it's a real issue, or a non-issue, please leave a comment.

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Gregory said...

i've heard that they are extra special careful with guns, which you have to declare. they have all the extra paperwork with them... so actually, traveling with guns is a good way to keep your luggage from being lost. i've seen it suggested that you travel with a starter pistol, since they are legal everywhere, but they still have to be declared. i haven't tried it, but it is an interesting theory.