13 April 2008

I'll tell you what this "Gun Nut" is not

You've heard the emotionally-charged labels before, all alluding to some sort of mental deficiency simply because we have safely locked somewhere in our homes a piece of hardware that we have had a right to own ever since the 1780s.

I just feel the need to set the record straight.

My name is Jeremy T. Hatfield, and I am a gun owner. Been owning guns ever since August of 1999. Longer, if you count the BB guns I grew up with as a kid.

I have owned five firearms in my lifetime: four pistols, and one rifle.

I am not a member of any firearm advocacy group, although I definitely advocate 2A. I've never given a dime to the NRA nor GOA. My support for 2A comes in the form of writing on the matter fairly infrequently, reading regularly national happenings regarding firearms, supervising neighbors' kids when they go plinking, teaching them how to responsibly use them, and safely handling my own firearms.

I was raised in the South. Appalachia, to be specific. I have lived in a trailer at one time in my life (for about a month, before I left for TN to start grad school).

I'll also say that I hold two degrees, including a Master's in German Literature, am an expert on a certain period of Germany's History, speak five languages other than English (working on my sixth) and can read from a dozen others.

I have worked in Europe. Been there twice, as a matter of fact. Set foot on three continents and seven foreign countries.

I've had friends from every continent, and meet Europeans on a regular basis, so, no, you can't honestly say that I am ignorant of the world.

I am a believer in God--and come from matters of faith as someone who used to be a skeptic.

So much for stereotypes.


BobG said...

Most of the gun owners I know are fairly well educated.
What languages do you work with?

The Mad Hatter said...

English and German, chiefly. I have used almost every language I speak (French, Spanish, and Norwegian) at the historical landmark I work at in the summer.

As for Medieval German...well, that gets relegated to reading medieval epic poems.

GUNNY said...

I don't understand gun owners, and especially a person who claims to support the 2A, not joining the NRA. Whether you like it or not, the NRA is the only reason you are able to own guns today. If it wasn't for this organization our guns would have been confiscated a long time ago. You don't have to agree with everything they do, but you do have to stand shoulder to shoulder with other gun owners and defend your rights. The NRA is the best way to do this.