08 November 2006

Alaska is Still Republican!

I was reviewing my state's election results and, much to my pleasure, read that my choice for governor (Sarah Palin) got elected. Great--it'll be a breath of fresh air from Murkowski (a Repub, yeah, but one of those that makes you wish he wasn't. Lots of underhanded stuff--trying to pass oil initiatives without the consent of the legislature--you know, political sleaze).

It's early, I know, but I'm surprised the major news outlets haven't caught up on the significance of Palin's election. It's the first time Alaska has had a woman governor, and the youngest governor to date (she's about 41).

But, because she's a conservative, what sort of attention does she get? None of the accolades heaped upon her like a a certain carpetbagger got when she was elected senator to NY.

In in our State senate, some 28 seats are held by Repubs, 22 by Dems. But an closer to even mix can be a good thing.

I'm not too terribly worried about the balance of power shifting toward the dems. If they haven't learned their lessons from 2004, they'll lose it just as easily in 2012.


R.J. said...

"Alaska is still Republican!"

Lucky you. We can't seem to get rid of Feinswine.

The Mad Hatter said...

Oh dude, that warrants a moment of silence...

There is no way short of divine intervention that I would find myself in the PRC for any extended period of time.