09 November 2006

Reactions to the Recent Election

I was perusing NewsMax this morning, checking up on a few reactions to this past election. There was some lamentation about the power shift to the left, but there was something strikingly different about the "losing" side's response.

No finger pointing at the other guys. No accusations of "stealing the election." No mass hysteria, no extra trips to the shrink.

Instead, there was more assessment about what they did wrong in the past few years to cause voters to side with more Dems.

In other words, they took responsibility for their actions instead of blamestorming. If there was anything good that came out of these elections, that is certainly one thing.

The links pretty much give a good overview of why it turned out the way it did. Republicans started acting more like Democrats--ignoring the values of their constituencies, embracing more big-government initiatives.

I hate to see the Dems take more power (I had enough of their crap in the '90s), but I am happy to see democracy in action.

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