19 April 2007

For the worst week of the year...

A friend of mine reminded me that today marks the 14th anniversary of the Branch Davidian fire in Waco, Texas.

Definitely not the ATF's brightest moment. Certainly shoots holes (no pun intended) in the leftist notion that their side of the political fence acts most in accordance with the best interests of America.

No mention of it made much in the mainstream media...CNN had an article referring to it today, only because a former Branch Davidian, and one that disagreed with Koresh, split off, and formed his own splinter sect, wanted to establish a new church on that site. From the tone of the guy, it sounded like he would be little better than Koresh.

However, there was a very good column in WorldNetDaily by Jack Cashill talking about something not many people knew about the debacle: that it involved the deaths of 27 blacks. That fact, plus a ton others (like Cashill, I strongly recommend renting out Waco: Rules of Engagement for much that didn't appear in MSM coverage of the massacre), were nicely covered up by the Clinton Administration and overlooked by the MSM. Didn't want to alienate a voting bloc, now that the Dems finally had a president in (the last and one of the worst of the XXth century, we would later find out), and control of Congress.

Additionally, this week marks the twelfth anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing, which was supposedly a reaction against the FUBAR'd Waco op.

But wait! It gets better! This week marks the eighth anniversary of the Columbine school shooting.

And, finally, this recent horror, ending the lives of 32 or 33 students. What is there about this particular week in the month of April that makes everyone so whackball?

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The Conservative UAW Guy said...

I have to watch "Rules of Engagement" in small bites, because I get so pissed off.

Thanks for linking me, BTW.
I am doing the same. :)