16 April 2007

Sad that it takes this...

To pull me out of my rather "blah" attitude towards blogging that had plagued me for the last two months.

I guess you guys already know the story...33 dead at VT thanks to some disturbed adolescent who couldn't get over his girlfriend troubles. My inner volcano of rage stirs at the thought that 50 unrelated people (33 dead, 17 injured at the time of this writing) had to suffer because he didn't have the balls to face his own personal problems and go on with life like the rest of us.

What will even make this situation worse is how people will use this to fuel their own agendas. Take, for example, the philistine simpletons noted by 186k per second who get the knee-jerk in their shortened left legs that this matter was somehow "staged" by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Headline: At least 29 people are dead in what may be the biggest mass shooting in modern American history — and the death toll may rise.

I could go on and on… unfortunatately.

This is staged. We need to ask questions.

I'm telling you, radical liberalism is symptomatic of a serious mental condition.

The Bradys are going to have a heyday with this, for sure. But they, like their ilk, are going to miss the point entirely. It wasn't the gun that was the root cause of the tragedy. It wasn't the tool that possessed the guy to shoot up the place. It was a disturbed fritzoid possessing the gun.

Michelle Malkin has some excellent coverage on the matter, including some correspondence from VT students:

Finally one of the guys in the front of the classroom was brave enough to get up and move the desk in front of the door to prevent outside entry. About twenty seconds later, the shooter rattled the doorknob trying to get in. When he couldn't get in he fired two shots through the door (single solid piece of wood) and left. We heard him go in to 206 (the room across the hall) and shoot the people in that room. If we hadn't put the barricade up when we did, I and all my classmates would be dead.

If a barricade was sufficient to save lives, imagine what an armed student could have prevented.

Michelle also links to an IM exchange between another blogger and a VT student while the whole thing was going on.

And the pi├Ęce de resistance, flashing back to last year, when a bill allowing CCW on campus was being deliberated over. Michelle also quotes yet another blogger commenting on the same matter, saying "Just imagine if students were armed. We no longer need to imag[in]e what will happen when they are not armed."

No doubt this will be the focal point of much discussion of RKBA matters on campus, so therefore, I will be taking back the RKBA Campus Round-Up project from A Keyboard and a .45. Thanks for taking up the burden, bro, but it's time for me to handle it again.

And while you're at it, pray for the surviving victims and the victims' survivors. Losing a loved one under any circumstance is bad enough. They need the sort of peace that only God can give.


JR said...

Glad you are back.

The Blood Dancers are already at it Before the body count was completed, the anti's were rejoicing at another slaughter to further their cause.


BobG said...

The Brady website had it up and exploiting it, and was asking for money by noon.