15 February 2008

Like Barbarossa from the Kyffhäuser...

OK, long enough of a hiatus for everyone? Yeah, me too.

A friend stopped by from Florida last month, and told me that everyone-- everyone--back where I used to live really missed my writing. He was given specific instructions to give me one word from everyone when he saw me--WRITE!

He was my boss at the computer consulting firm I worked for in South Florida, and I made my mark on the company writing articles and putting together advertisements for them. He said I had a gift in that area, and I shouldn't let it just fall by the wayside.

So...on the heels of a CPR class I took earlier this week, it's time to breathe some more life back into this beotch!

And just in time to vent about elections, too. Barbarossa has arisen, honks (even though my beard has more grey in it nowadays than red)! Phear the Southern Expatriate of the North with the HK on his hip!

February Surprise?
All the gunbloggers know about the Illinois shootings. Seems the cruel month of April came early this year. No known motive as of yet, although the gunman has been identified as a NIU alumnus.

To nobody's surprise--certainly not mine--the Left's instrument of propaganda and thought manipulation known as Big Media starts leading the bleating chorus about the evils of guns, republicans, and the NRA.

But, as the folks over at Hot Air point out, as can anyone with a few hundred brain cells not damaged thanks to the recreational pharmaceutical activity en vogue in the '60s and '70s, the article does not mention how the notion of Gun Free Zones fails once again!

Neither does it mention how the shooter was off some medication he was supposed to be taking. How convenient.

What's worse, said article from the NYT tries somehow to make a connection between campuses and national parks, but only succeeds in showing that they really don't pay attention to what they're reporting about.

The Idiotorial Board sees "Parks." They automatically assume "Ford's Theater." But there is ZERO mention of that sort of park in a December 14, 2007 Letter to Secretary Kempthorne. Mentions lands managed by Fish and Wildlife Service, even mentions National Wildlife Refuges. Maybe the National Mall falls under these sort of "Lands," but I highly doubt it.

Most letters to Interior Secretary Kempthorne that I am finding online have nothing to do with national monuments. A lot have to do with undeveloped areas. And that's only from a cursory online search by an amateur blogger. You'd think the "professionals" would have picked up on that--especially those given editorial responsibilities.

Speaking of editorials, in the process of looking at some of the reactions to the NIU shootings and the once-again revived gun debate (don't worry, folks, it will die down as soon as it loses its marketability. Remember, Big Media isn't about the truth--it's about what makes money), I'm seeing again how journalists are so ill-informed about the Second Amendment.

Take this editorial, for instance, which I also found in the Anchorage Daily News from about two days ago. It's the old individual rights vs. militia argument again. He takes the latter, saying, in effect, that this position has been "buttressed" by about 70 years' worth of legal rulings.

Well, if that were the case, and 2A has indeed been officially interpreted as being relevant only to militias, then could someone please explain to me how I managed to buy five guns--including a military-style "assault rifle"--since 1999? Seems like this guy needs to look at theory vs. the real world just a little more closely.

OK, but that's Big Media. We'd expect that sort of a reaction from them. What is really interesting to see is how a few people who stand the most to gain or lose from this will leverage this incident.

Obama: "I think there is an individual right to bear arms, but it's subject to commonsense regulation"

Well, chalk one up for a proper interpretation of the Constitution, but his support for the DC ban on handguns shows a little too much inconsistency. Let me see your voting record, pretty boy.

Hitlary: recently slammed Obama for what she considered an about-face on the stereotypical gun-control stance. Yet, she mentioned "safeguarding and respecting our Second Amendment rights." Read that statement real carefully...what does she mean by "our?"

This is the same witch whose husband signed the AWB. Whatever she says, given her record on gun rights issues, I'm not that apt to believe it.

McCain: An article in the Sun puts him right of Bloomberg two days ago. However, this blogger says our memory needs to be longer than that.

Good to be writing again, guys. More to come, at varying paces, in the days to come!


JR said...

It is about damn time!

Welcome back.

BobG said...

Glad to see you back; I missed your writing.