15 February 2008

Warming back up on Campus Editorials

It's certainly been a while since I've reported on the state of the higher-level ideological puppy farms known as the University Campus.

This time, the victim of my scrutiny is none other than the prestigious Yale, which just happens to rhyme with:

The article's thesis? "Death is human cost of misreading 2nd Amendment," which I wholeheartedly agree with, although not in the way Mr. White, a junior at Yale, presents his argument.

From the very get-go, Mr. White's article attempts to connect two unrelated incidents (and to which he admits are unrelated), and this is rather telling of his mindset. For example, he blames the death of Sean Taylor on a particular interpretation of the Second Amendment--but somehow manages to miss the criminal connections of the incident.

He also tries to connect legislation with public safety--unaware that, historically speaking, an increase of ink on paper in the lawmaking chambers around this country have made absolutely no impact on crime. A shining example was the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.

And, following true to form, Mr. Xan "Condition" White attempts to connect the number of guns in this country with blood running in the streets--totally unaware that the number of gun related crimes in this country amount to less than .15% of estimated total gun ownership in this country.

Finally, there is the attempt to connect White's narrative with serious research. The 36 comments given this article have found none.

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