21 January 2009

Now THAT is my kind of date

h/t A Gun Blobber

The video features, among other things, a couple on a date (about 2.42 into the video). He just wanted to do something different than dinner and a movie.

You know, I enjoy the company of being around someone who knows what they're talking about. And if a woman can intelligently talk about or be demonstrative about a certain subject (minds out of the gutters, you sickos), hey, that makes for a great evening.

Why shouldn't I treat a woman to a very informative, hands-on approach to something I know about? I mean, if I could spend a few evenings out of the week going through D├╝rrenmatt's Der Richter und Sein Henker with a girlfriend who wanted to improve her German, why not break someone else of her (gun) virginity?

Seriously...educate someone of a very practical life skill, make some good personal contact, and show off your manliness without taking your clothes off. Chivalry at its finest.

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Anonymous said...

A friend turned me on to the "battle of jakes" and it is one wild read..... this is what is coming...get ready....get prepared!