24 September 2006

Arsenal of "What The #*%&"

It's amazing to see how people make a career worrying over what-could-have-beens. But such is the life of a professional Demorrhoid.

Take Jesse Jackson, for instance. Apparently he just bought himself a case of Preparation H over something that did not happen, and you can read all about it in an article he wrote ("Arsenal of Freedom"--h/t KeepAndBearArms.org) attempting to blame a planned high school bomb attempt on the 2nd Amendment.

Red flags on this article: it happened in Wisconsin (frequent stomping grounds for Jackson? Well, it tends to be a left-leaning state, but I don't hear about him hanging around there often). The bomb plot was foiled before it happened. The guns in question were not in possession of the boys nor conclusively determined to be part of the plot.

Funny thing is, Jackson acknowledges all this. But apparently, the sphincter reaction he gets over genuine civil rights (eg: 2A, as opposed to welfare. Which is a constitutionally addressed right?) overrides his frontal lobe. End result, Jesse sees "guns," his panties get bunched up, and it's only a matter of time before he erupts into another case of Demorrhoids:

the president broke his campaign promise and let the assault weapons ban expire—despite the virtually unanimous demand of police officials that it be retained. The police know that their lives are put at risk when weapons designed for combat are easily available.

Time to pull out another suppository. It's "virtually unanimous" only if you don't move much outside of left-leaning circles.

Concealed weapons laws are passing across the country, from Minnesota to Florida, giving people the right to pack a concealed weapon if they get a permit.

What he fails to realize is the process involved in obtaining these permits. Don't mention "Alaska" or "Vermont" to this guy. He'll clean out a certain shelf of the local drugstore over it.
And in 15 states, that law is reinforced by the "shoot first" law, a law that states that you needn't think yourself under threat in order to shoot someone who has entered your house or car without permission.

Pardon me while I go fetch a roll of Northern. People will not use a gun unless they think they are threatened! And most people who seek to legally own a gun do their homework about its proper use, including the legal aspects of using deadly force in lawful self-defense.

But, we need to remember that Jesse values criminals' rights more than those of law-abiding citizens.

Then he goes into some blathering about ruralites vs. urbanites. It's almost as if he accuses those living outside the city to be a bunch of clueless rednecks. But he would rather Springfield be ruled by Chicago, even though Springfield's stance on gun rights lines up closer with the Constitution.

Bah. Go back to your fantasy world, Jesse, and make sure you sit on a towel.


BobG said...

Jackson is a professional hand-wringer; he makes his living from alarming people and then exploiting them.

The Mad Hatter said...

Yeah, his only real claim to fame is an association with MLK. But it's hard to ride on a dead man's coattails.

He is a has-been.