16 September 2006

Pics from last week

I told you all about the shooting spree I had last weekend. Well, Anthony sent me some pics, but unfortunately, it seems that Gmail likes to cut your attachments in half. So, the best I can do is show you the preview images:

Here's Mark's wife, putting a few through the H&K:

Note the smile that a high-quality handgun can put on your face. That is NOT the grin of an evil person.

And here's the whole crew from that afternoon of plinking:

Pictured here: Jeff, Justin, myself, Mark, Jonathan, Cathy, and Matt.

And here: Anthony, Jeff, myself, Mark, Jonathan, Matt, and Justin.

Hardware featured: Beretta .22 Neo, Ruger Mark III .22, H&K USP .45

Ammo: CCI Blazer (.22 LR), American Eagle (.45 230gr FMJ)

Targets: Steel plates (animal shaped), 25-30 yards

Like I said last week, we had a blast. Got to teach a few a couple of things about gun safety, especially Justin, a kid from Canada who had never shot a handgun before--quelle surprise, given the draconian gun laws Canada has, which didn't stop a gunman in Montreal recently.

That incident sparked more debate over the efficacy of Canadian gun control laws. This editorial in the Winnipeg Sun shows that there are some sane people east of Alberta.


Trying to link the Montreal shooting to the long-gun registry is nothing more than a cheap attempt by registry advocates to profit from it politically.

There’s a bill before Parliament that proposes to do away with the registry. And opponents of the bill are trying to capitalize on this tragedy for their own political gain, even though they know one has nothing to do with the other.

It’s pathetic, really.

The gun registry has cost taxpayers at least $1 billion — and growing — and there’s been no public safety benefit to it whatsoever.

Why anyone would want to continue to throw good money after bad on this thing is beyond me.

Where do you think most of that $1 billion went? In some lefty's pocket, as a pat on the back for convincing the canadian sheep that they really don't need their money after all. Or their security.

But I digress.

I also gave the newbies some pointers on what to do when you have a misfire: Keep the gun pointed downrange, wait about 15 seconds, then quickly cycle the action. Dispose of the dud in your non-burnable trash.

The Neo was very impressive to shoot. Simply get a good sight picture, don't flinch, and *bang-ding!*

Like I said last week, the H&K was the one everyone really had fun shooting. For one, it's a "real caliber" (whatever that means), and most that shot it were impressed at how easy it was to handle. Hats off to H&K's engineering dept. The recoil buffer makes for a very controllable pistol.

After we cleaned up all the brass and had a little tea, Mark said they needed to have me over more often, whenever they wanted to do a little shooting. They could use someone with a little experience around to make things safer, and more enjoyable.

I am most happy to oblige them.

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