20 September 2006

Chavez: Banana Republic Comedic Hypocrite

Regular readers of this blog know I do not like this Castro boytoy. Since his lover is probably lying on a stainless steel bed a Havana hospital basement, I guess he thinks it necessary to stick a cigar in his mouth, speak out of the other end, and fill the "pathetic latino dictator PITA" vaccuum.

Anyone read about his comments at the U.N. recently? Man, what a hoot! I guess he took a wrong turn in New Jersey and missed his appointment at "Catch a Falling [yes, that is deliberate] Star." Speaking about George "Diablo" Bush:

"As the spokesman of imperialism, he came to share his nostrums to try to preserve the current pattern of domination, exploitation and pillage of the peoples of the world."

Did you get that? "Domination!" This from the free-speech capital of South America.

And this rib-tickler: "Exploitation!" Just forget about the squandering away of Venezuela's oil revenues. A U.S. Dollar currently equals 2,143 Venezuelan Bolivares thanks to this economic genius (source: XE.com). This is from around 800-900 shortly after he seized power in the late '90s.

This one will have you rolling on the floor: "...and pillage of the peoples of the world!" When I was in Caracas in '98, most of the homes in that city were in poor condition. A couple of high-rise slums you can clearly see driving from the airport looked like they hadn't been maintained since the '70s. Yet the Casona was as pristine as any drug lord's Miami home.

Then he decides to blast the U.N.: calling the veto power held by the Security Council as "un-democratic." Uh-huh. We know what your idea of "democratic" is.

Then he held up a book by a wannabe political commentator (translated: opinionated twit) who should have stuck to linguistics. Not knowing English that well, I think Hugo mistook it for an English copy of "Dictadura Para Estúpidos."

Now, he wants to jump into bed with Ahmadinejihad, not only in some bratty anti-US coalition (kind of like Calvin & Hobbes' girl-haters' club) but go nuclear as well. Something about his encounters with Mahmoud probably reminded him of missiles (not for me to say!), and probably remembered something his former bed buddy muttered during some cuddling about a long-abandoned plan to set up Soviet missiles on Cuban soil.

But Khruschev had the good sense not to push us too far on that one.

However, John Bolton proved he's the right man for his job with this response to Chavez's tirade:

"I think that [Chavez's] rhetoric today shows exactly what kind of man he is."

Amen, John.

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BobG said...

Chavez is just another two-bit banana republic dictator; I don't know why those idiots at the UN even bother to listen to him.