18 September 2006

News Gets Around

The little shooting spree two weeks ago caught the attention of a couple of girls at the breakfast table this morning. One of them, who is Jeff's girlfriend, heard about it, and was a tad jealous that she didn't get invited.

The other, this petite black girl from Georgia, chimed in a "me, too!" So it looks like I'll be fixing another meal (the famous Hatfield recipe for lasagna) for guests this weekend, followed up with a good afternoon of punching steel.

This time, however, I'm bringing out the heavy artillery. The Deagle has not been shot in a long time, and I figure it's about time I really got familiar with that red dot scope.

In other news, I did a quick Google scan for gun-related news, and found this interesting tidbit:

WLNS: Local crimes involving guns down.

At first, I thought...oooh boy, some more leftist propaganda "demonstrating" how certain "gun-control" measures have prevented crime in a certain area. But rather than just follow my gut reaction, I actually read what the article had to say (take note, lefties...this is what differentiates conservatives from your typical lib).

The measures, which take place in Lansing, MI, have absolutely nothing to do with idiotic "take 'em away from everyone" approaches (whether it be altering gun design, registration, economic barriers, etc). Instead, it automatically tacks on five years to your sentence if your crime involved a firearm.

And, according to this article, it seems to be working:

Lt. Larry Klaus: "If you get caught with a gun here, you are going to prison."

Lansing Police Lt. Larry Klaus says word of the project is spreading, and it has many criminals leaving their guns behind.

Lt. Larry Klaus: "A lot of the criminals will say that bag of drugs is mine, but we don't want anything to do with the firearms."

This is probably the most sensible measure against firearm-related crime I have seen reported in the news. It focuses on attacking criminals without jeopardizing the rights of law-abiding citizens.

I got to thinking, if Klinton had promoted something more along the lines of Michigan's measures, he wouldn't have been reviled as much by 2A advocates. But I don't think Bubba was really educated about the issues so much as he saw the Assault Weapons Ban as a political expedient. It sounded popular among his cronies, so he went along with it to keep their favor, and keep himself in power. And screw the Constitution in the process.

Happily, 2004 came about, and the AWB proved its efficacy and popularity by fading out as a bitter memory.

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