29 September 2006

My couple of blurbs on Jeff Cooper

Living in AK, and with a handful of things happening around me to keep my life busy, I am usually the last to know a lot of news.

Like Jeff Cooper's passing away this past Tuesday. I never knew the man personally, never corresponded with him personally, but every gun article I ever read that referenced him treated the man with high regard.

In the issues of Guns & Ammo, which I read for several years, the quality of their stories varied, and they may have focused on issues that I didn't have that much of an interest in, but "Thoughts from the Gunner's Guru" was the section I never failed to read.

Sometimes you hear the older generation gripe about all the changes. Mr. Cooper was probably no different than many of his peers in this regard, but it was never random, always thoughtful, speaking out of experience, and addressing changes that really weren't necessary (like the "latest and greatest" firearm cartridge. He never got excited about that).

I suppose one of his greatest lamentations was the decline of common sense, and the growing unwillingness to "tell it like it is." I can only say I hope we can continue this no-nonsense straight-shooting demeanor that he, and many of those in his generation, upheld.

We'll see you on the other side, Colonel.

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