07 January 2012

Autocracy in Education

You know, it seems to me that the Democrats Autocrats' slogan "Yes We Can" is morphing into "Yes You Will."

Fox News:  DC Lawmakers Propose Requiring Students to Apply to College

This law will require students to attend workshops on admissions processes and will require students to take the SAT or ACT.  Whether or not the student has any interest in pursuing college will be irrelevant.

The article doesn't mention DC Councilman Kwame Brown's political affiliation.  I had to do a little extra digging to confirm my suspicions myself.

Yep, a Democrat Autocrat.  Quelle surprise.  If there's a piece of legislation requiring you to do anything (you must buy THIS lightbulb!  You must buy THIS health insurance!), chances are, it was crafted by the jackass party.

In Soviet Russia, Jackass Drives You!  Jackass Beats You!  Jackass Puts Burden On You!

Excuse me, did anyone inform him that these tests are not offered for free?  According to the private company that creates the SAT, the current fee is $49.  An unnecessary expense for those who might not be interested in college.  Especially if you're poor.

Speaking of poor, you're required to bring a photo ID to the test.  Kwame, your racism is showing.  I'm surprised AG "Why is everyone hung up on race except me" Holder isn't all over your hiney on this one.

But another thing this screams to me is a closer relationship between State and School, something that really ought not to be in a free society.

But of course, liberty is inimical to autocracy.

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