13 January 2012

No, No, No!

Obama Seeks New Powers from Congress

President Obama will reveal a new proposal to consolidate federal agencies at a White House event later this morning, an official tells Fox News. The problem is that the authority he seeks to carry out the plan will have to come from a Congress he's had bitter battles with over the past year.
I do hope that House & Senate Republicans and the more reasonable Dems (I know I'm asking a lot there) will not grant this to Øbama.

Not just because he's Øbama.  Let's establish that right off-hand.  But, Chairman Zero has demonstrated over the last three years quite the disdain for Rule of Law if it stands in the way of his agenda.

I suppose if we needed to put someone in office to point out the weaknesses of the system, cracks through which authoritarianism can establish itself instead of the principles of a Democratic Republic, Øbama has been the perfect man for the job. 

And he does not need any further help in that department.

Now, supposedly, the request is meant to cut down on the cost and bulk of government.  That sounds fine, right down to invoking Reagan, but I get nervous whenever someone uses the term "consolidate" in reference to the Executive Branch.  Reminds me too much of the years leading up to Mussolini.

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