05 January 2012

Back from the Edge

Amazing how long blogs stay around.  I hadn't posted anything on TMH for nearly three years.  I am surprised Blogger kept it around.

My last post, 21 Jan 2009, had already seen the rise of a nobody from Illinois who managed to make himself President.  The circumstances surrounding his inauguration should have been quite auspicious:

The Trash was Historic, Too

This would be something that would characterize Proggie rallies for the next three years.

Now, in all fairness, Leftie rallies improved somewhat, at least in terms of trash.  I think we can thank the Tea Party for that.  Funny the difference made when adults finally arrive on the scene.  Shook up the place, too--wresting House control from Pelousy and giving us some hope of putting brakes on Progressivism...that is to say, Progress towards the Cliff

Not to be outdone, the Left had to answer with its own movement (which can be interpreted in more than one way): the nebulous, vapid, clueless OWS (Occupy...Whatever...Something).

And the trash came back.  With poop.  And rape.  And assault.  And vandalism.  And Jew hatred.

Everything the Left accused the Tea Party of being, it got paid back in spades.  From its own ranks (which can also be taken in more than one way).  All the while receiving support from the highest profile figures among the Democrats.  Namely, Obama and Pelosi.

Just in time for his campaign, too.

It's mainly because of the campaign that I'm resurrecting this blog (that, and MJA's fairly frequent prodding--what can I say...I am easily beguiled by the charm of a lovely ladeh).  Obama and his comrades have proven their party to be unnamed.

They're not Democrats.  In our representative democracy, the will of their constituents is supposed to be taken into consideration.  In our republic, this is supposed to happen within the framework of law.

They do none of this.  Instead, they behave like Autocrats.  That alone should be reason to throw them out.

And so, I rededicate this blog to getting the word out about what they are doing, and giving you reasons to vote for someone who still believes in the Republic.

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Lightspeedsnail said...

Hey MH,

Good to see you put the blogging hat back on. Everyone needs a vacation.

Sad isn't it, how low our nation has sunk with the chicken & rib show in DC?

Well, I wish you many successes in your blogging endeavors.