27 January 2012

The Consistent Economic Failures of the Øbama Admin

Mark Levin often ascribes a scatological Midas Touch to Chairman Zero, saying that everything he touches turns to crap.

Now, I usually just chalk it up to editorial hyperbole.  However, after reviewing the Summers Memo, and coming across several articles that just happen to show failure after failure of the Obama Agenda, I'm seeing that, well, it just might be true.

The Stimulus Package fell way below expectations, and left us much deeper in debt.

Turns out the bailouts (TARP, Auto bailouts) still left taxpayers in the hole by some $133 Billion.  Weren't we told they were paid off?

ObamaCare will not bring down the cost of health insurance.

High Speed Rail is flopping.  It is proving both unnecessary, and a lot more expensive than originally projected.

And don't forget the consistent failure in his Energy Policies.

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