25 April 2006

Bloomberg's cry for gun crime

Whenever I hear politicians speak of guns and crime control, immediately I think that some anti-2A measure is going to be proposed...again.

Strangely enough, nothing in this article mentioned additional controls on guns themselves (as if NYC needed any more), but rather, taking efforts to curb crime through information sharing. That's a new tack.

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The mayor is probably still mad at life because GOD cheated him out of being a real man. You would think he forgot 911. People went nuts buying guns after that little dirty islamic trick. He's not to smart, but does have lots of money to throw around on gun control. The little toadie conference he held, nothing new came forth but disarm the rest of the country to save the "Rome of the West"(NYC) This whole fight against guns boils down to this: We have guns are not! If he wants them, he can come and get them. He's yellow thru and thru. He needs to hide under the rock he was born or hatched from. Leave decent gun-owners alone. If you shaved his head, you would find 666 on it. Just like the Clintons. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!