21 April 2006

No better way to spend part of a day off...

...than taking my first handloads and seeing how I did.

Since I'm working all weekend, the powers that be saw it fitting that I take today off. So, this afternoon, I grabbed the Deagle, 12 of my handloads, and hit the compost heap.

I also took my Red Dot Scope to try it out. However, I wasn't really interested in shooting for accuracy today. I was more concerned as to whether or not the loads would shoot without ill effect.

So, a little nervous, I slid the first one into an empty magazine,

Racked the slide, and pulled the trigger.

Now, according to the reloading manual I was using, 19.6gr of Vihta Vuori N110 is supposed to move a 240gr bullet a little over 1300fps. That's 200 fps more than the American Eagle loads I had been shooting through the Deagle (and, incidentally, about as fast as the Cor-Bon +P 9mm loads I used to carry for self-defense...although those bullets were over 100 grains lighter and almost .1 inch smaller than what I was shooting today).

And it was noticeable. The BOOM was a lot more authoritative, and I felt the extra pressure on my wrist.

But the gun survived. And all 12 rounds, too.

My next concern was the brass I collected. What did it tell?

I had not overpressured the rounds. The primers were not flattened. In fact, the heads looked no different from other factory loads I had fired.

Next thing to look for: how clean did the Vihta Vuori burn? Answer: Very clean. Fouling and powder ash were the least of any other load I had ever shot in my life.

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ranger nick said...

You can go a little hotter on the reloads. Your primers are not really flat yet. Your D.E. looks good. I love mine. I bought a used one with 10 clips, scope mount, and carrying bag for 1000 dollars. It was a real bargain. I wanted a 41 mag., but settled for a 357 mag. Heavy bullets are it's favorites. With a good scope, i can pick off soda cans at 100 yards. Now that is accuracy!!!