17 April 2006

Some more Deaglalia

These two pics come from a fellow Deagle owner, who is very much into target shooting, showing off the effects of his favorite loads (19.8gr Vihta Vuori N110, 240gr Speer Gold Dot) when guided by a pistol scope:

Not bad for 70 yards, eh?

Now, this next picture made me slap my forehead:

You see, I returned a comparable scope because I thought it hung over the ejector port too much. Now, if a relative expert like this fella uses that sort of setup, it ought to be OK for a relative greenie like me.

But I still have yet to try out my Red Dot scope. I'll do that soon. Probably around the same time I test out my handloads.

1 comment:

ranger nick said...

If you mount that red dot sight on your desert eagle, make sure you place it back far enough on your gun as not to lose your red dot on recoil. This happened to me on my .357 mag eagle. I learn this on the Web and the fix was to mount the electric as far back as possible. I know that sounds strange, but it worked for me. You may or may not have this issue, but i did. Good luck and have fun=)