17 April 2006

"Scholars" like this one scare me

A noted professor declares that the Earth would be better off if nine out of 10 people were to die.

I wonder if Dr. Pianka would be the first to volunteer. Does he really believe this stuff enough to relieve the Earth of the burden of one more person, namely, himself?

Anyone read Rainbow Six? In that story, you had professors like this one who believed much the same thing. And they engineered viruses to carry that sort of plan out.


BobG said...

Isn't that what the movie "12 Monkeys" was about?

The Mad Hatter said...

I believe that was part of it.

ranger nick said...

He 's mad he missed Hale-Bop comet, but some of his closest friend's made the trip. He should be first in line with his plan or drop him off in downtown Bagdad!