17 April 2006

A hunting story

I heard this one while en route to Fairbanks last week. I was driving my client (who has recovered...the sodium imbalance was due to some drugs he takes that whacked out his body chemistry. If you take HCTZ for high blood pressure, and start feeling loopy after taking some more drugs, see if the combination is affecting your sodium levels) and his dad. Both are originally from PA, and the father has done a fair amount of hunting in his lifetime.

Once, he was rabbit hunting with a shotgun, and his dad gave him some black powder shells. He loaded them up, took his hunting dog, found a rabbit, drew a bead, and pulled the trigger.

He said the blast drove the shotgun hard into his shoulder. The dog looked up at him as if to say, "What the hell was that" and when the smoke cleared, the rabbit was pretty well mangled.

Moral: know your loads!

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