17 April 2006

Momma Moonbat Mouths Moronically some More

Now she's advocating Iran's possession of nuclear weapons?

I guess she really doesn't know her history that well. I mean, it wasn't that long that Ahmadinej(ih)ad called for Israel to be wiped off the map.

Dropped a little too much acid during the '60s, Cindy? Killed one too many brain cells?

She calls us hypocritical for the nuke issue.

My response...a fourth-magnitude HA!

We've demonstrated responsibility with nukes for over 50 years, including facing down another nuclear power. Do you honestly think you'd get that same kind of restraint from Iran?

What's hypocritical is calling GWB a "puppet" of the neocons. This from a person who has abandoned her mission of protesting her son's death to embrace about every unrelated leftist cause under the sun?

And what about that headstone, Cindy (speaking of hypocrisy)? So "proud" to be the mother of Specialist Casey Austin Sheehan that talking to Fidel Castro's venezolano boytoy takes precedence over family matters?

Sit down and shut up, Momma Moonbat.


BobG said...

Isn't Cindy's fifteen minutes over yet?

ranger nick said...

Cindy is trying to justify her son's death. She has a mother's grief. All the other stuff she write's about is just BS!

I ask you to just let her spout off. She has 1stA rights too. She only hurt's her cause with that dribble. It is sad to watch the "BOLO"'s take advantage of her grief. As a Vietnam vet, i have seen the ugly side of war. It's not pleasant.

I don't hate her, i pity her. She has lost a son. No matter what she does from now on, will never bring back Casey to her. You are a conservative, you are better than those people on the left We all hold you sir to a higher standard. Don't lower yourself to theirs. Forget and forgive Cindy, she cannot hurt you.