11 June 2006

.50 AE handloads

A fellow Deagler decided he'd show off his latest batch of handloads:

.50 AE--using 325gr bullets (didn't specify what brand), 29.5gr of Hornady N110 powder, and CCI 350 (what that means--primers? brass? bullets?--He didn't say).

As for me, it's time to start working on my .44 marksmanship. Set up some cardboard, mount the Red Dot, and get functional with it.


BobG said...

CCI 350 is the primer used.

ranger nick said...

I love that word "deagle". where did you get it? I've been using it. I have a 357 deagle. it loves 158 gr. hot loads. thanks for the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"deagle" is a word used by players of an online "first-person-shooter" game called "Counterstrike" in which the desert eagle is a handgun available to players.

Check it out in the "Urban Dictionary"