16 June 2006

So far, so good...

Talking about the World Cup. No, I am not talking about the U.S. Team, but rather, the team I have been cheering for in World Cup matches since 1986: Germany.

I heard about their win over Costa Rica, and was listening to a German beam with pleasure as he called home to hear about their win over Poland.

They don't always win, but they're like UT foptball--you know you're going to get solid performance from them.

If they get eliminated, then I'll cheer for whatever European team makes it to the finals. I do not like South American teams. Bunch of latino pansies. Showoffs, glass jaws (breathe on them, and they crumple to the ground, holding their leg), and dirty playing overall.

Of course, the German coach, J├╝rgen Klinsmann, wasn't all that clean when he played for Germany in '94 and '98. Pulling jerseys, tripping--I mean, honestly, is it really a sign of skill to take the legs out from under your opponent?

I hope he hasn't influenced them too much in that regard.

But in other sporting news, and has to do obliquely with Germans, I had the pleasure of talking to a German woman at a service at one of our sister churches here in Delta. From Frankfurt, married an American Air Force serviceman, and is related, by marriage, to the VP of Browning.

Dig this--she owns a .22 semiauto, but isn't all that good with it. You'd expect slightly more from someone married to a man who holds four bowhunting records.

But still, I'll give her a thumbs up. Any German who hasn't bought into the line that only the military or the cops should own firearms is OK in my book.

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