11 June 2006

Waiting for my copy of Coulter's new book

Pre-ordered it via NewsMax a couple of months ago. Hopefully, it will be in soon.

My thoughts, before having read it? I don't think I'll be surprised by her findings. I saw much of the same thing happen as I researched Nazi Germany for my Master's thesis (which is another reason why I despise groups and individuals that adulate them).

One thing in particular was the "Deutsche Christen" movement. In a nutshell, it was an attempt to transform Christian churches (the evangelicals, chiefly) with National Socialist ideals, and make it fall more into line with the party program, with its outlook on races, its subservience to the NSDAP, and so on and so forth.

Now, it wasn't officially a program sponsored by the NSDAP--it was more a grass-roots organization started by laity within the evangelical churches--but they nonetheless encouraged it. What government wouldn't?

I deduced back in the mid-'90s that what I saw in liberalism was the same sort of Gleichschaltung (a sort of forced conformity) of the 1930s, just with a slightly different face.

We'll see how Ann's book meets up with my own findings.

Now, while I am talking about church vs. state matters, and making a passing remark about Nazi lovers, I came across this while browsing a pro-skinhead profile over at Myspace.

This is part of the Skinhead appeal to the masses--"we're fighting against Communism!" I don't buy the line so quickly--from Skinheads or any other group (e.g. Demorrhoids and their recent interest in the religious vote) that claims to "side" with me. You see, part of Hitler's appeal to the religious right of his time and country was the same sort of line (this is clearly explained in Rolf Hochhuth's Der Stellvertreter, why the Catholic Church entered into a pact with the NSDAP--because of Red Fear).

But what did he offer in its place? A system equally as hostile to Christianity. In Mein Kampf, he made it absolutely plain that Christianity and National Socialism were in no way to coexist with each other.

But for as long as Christian votes were needed to establish his power base, he'd readily woo both the Catholics of Bavaria as well as the Protestants of Prussia.

So, caveat emptor when it comes to someone overly interested in proving that their on your side.


ranger nick said...

I seen Ann on Jay Leno last night, she handle him very well. I will read her book. Besides, she not to bad looking=)

The Mad Hatter said...

Not bad looking, but smokes like a chimney. That's one of my major turn-offs.

ranger nick said...

yeah, needs to quit. But still, she can be trained. not bad looking.