01 June 2006

Two posers for you to laugh at

One's over at MySpace. It was posted on a forum supposedly for Desert Eagle owners, but apparently had been overrun by a bunch of pube posers (I know, standard fare for MySpacers):

Find two things wrong with this picture. Find your answers below:

Fingers inside the trigger guards, obviously with enough pressure to discharge if the things were loaded. The magazine of the AR in his right hand is inserted upside-down.

Feel free to leave comments on any other things you find odd about this photo. Hey, how about a caption contest, even!

"I took a break from online pr0n to show you what other guns I like fondling, dudes!"

Yep, and from the look of things, he's no stranger to ADs and NDs the other way, too.

Idiots like this one keep justifying the updriving of the legal age to own guns. Parents of idiots like this one make the revival of the pillory sound like a good idea.

This second one ought to get more than a few steamed:

This is the latest leftist media lame-o. Since Cindy Sheehan's career as a media whore seems to be on the wane, the lefties are ready to grab any idiot they think they can get mileage out of it.

Problem is, I think they've been had by this one.

His name is Jesse MacBeth, and is purportedly a former Special Forces Ranger who served two tours in Iraq, and has gladly lent his face and his alleged service and experience to protest the war over there.

Problem is, there seem to be several holes in his story, and the guys over at AR15.com are having a jolly good time reaming them out!

Exempli gratia:

Claims 2 tours in Iraq and to have joined the 3rd Bat in 2001. Lemme see here, he is 20 now, its 2006, 2001 was 5 years ago...hmmmn, joined when he was 15. But what if he joined December 31st 2001 and he is almost 21 now, damn, only makes him 16 when he joined.
Examined by a guy who's been there, done that:

1. He is described as a "Special Forces Ranger". There is no such thing. You are either SF, in which case you have an MOS of 18B, C, D, or E, or you are a Ranger, in which case you are most likely 11B or 11C, although there are a host of other MOSs to be found within the 75th Inf. I was assigned to the 1st Bn, 75th Inf at Hunter Army Airfield form 1986-1988. We had a few prior SF tabbed guys there, but they were Rangers, because they were assigned to a Ranger Bn.

2. Fallujah was and still is USMC territory. The Rangers didn't do much there to my knowledge.

3. Nobody gets picked to go to Ranger school from basic training. You do basic, then AIT, then jump school, then Ranger Indoctrination Program, then you go to battalion or regiment as your assignement. After enduring months of BS, you may get chosen to go to Ranger school.

4. The bolded portion is absolute fantasy. I was in Iraq in 2004 as a security contractor. Our ROE was so restrictive that I couldn't fire unless fired upon. This was a real sphincter tightener when 10 guys with AKs would come into my AO.

"We would go into people's houses and plow down entire families. We would interrogate people. If we didn't like the answers that they gave, then we would kill the youngest child. If they gave more answers that we didn't like, then we'd move on to the rest of the family. They could've been innocent people. "

5. A Bronze Star is nigh impossible to get. I looked up his name on the list of awardees. He is not listed as a recipient. I never met a troop who couldn't remember all his awards. Nobody has very many.

"What medals did you get in Iraq?
I got a lot. I got a purple heart. Half of them, I don't remember. I got five or six medals just for landing. I got a bronze star. "

6. Stabbed? By who? Nobody ever gets that close. If you are in a crowd, every guy in your team is watching every other guy's back. Stabbed many times? That would be a ticket out after number 2. A two time recipient of the Purple Heart is automatically allowed a non-combat job.

What injuries did you get?
I got stabbed many times. I got shrapnel in my knee. I got shot in the back.

7. Ask this guy to produce his DD214. I bet he doesn't have one.

Now, who are the morons who are pushing this dreck? An organization called the "Socialist Alternative."

However, when people whose intellectual capacity extends to more than being able to "baa" started responding, the Sozis backtracked, and took the interview off their website. Their comments?

Over the past few days a number of questions have emerged which throw serious doubt on the authenticity of Jesse MacBeth’s claims about being a U.S. soldier in Iraq. We have therefore taken our interview with Jesse MacBeth off our website.

We completely reject any use of false statements in the mistaken belief that they can in some way strengthen opposition to the war. The case against the war is overwhelming and the majority of Americans now oppose Bush's disastrous policies in Iraq. Any resort to deception is unacceptable and counter-productive.

Every day brings new accounts of the horror and human tragedy caused by the U.S. occupation of Iraq. While Bush relies on a daily propaganda machine to paint a phony picture of “progress in Iraq,” we stand for a full and open disclosure of the facts of the war and the reality of the U.S. occupation. While right-wing blogs and corporate media outlets are attempting to use Jesse MacBeth to discredit the antiwar movement, we should remember that it was the Bush regime which systematically lied to justify the invasion of Iraq, resulting in the death of almost 2,500 U.S. soldiers and over 100,000 Iraqis.
The hypocrisy is absolutely delicious. They jumped all over MacBeth like sailors on shore leave. Too bad they didn't check out the veracity of his story beforehand. This seems to be a common problem among leftists. They showed themselves to be just as guilty as the propaganda machine they allegedly stand against.


BobG said...

Some good links about Macbeth here:

People like him are a disgrace, and deserve all the ridicule they get.

The Mad Hatter said...

Here's another good one...


The Mad Hatter said...

And still another one!


Anonymous said...

FYI: I never have had a AD or ND in the time i have owned a firearm. Granted I didn't know much about AR15's the time this was taken, and I also admit that was irresponsible holding the gun with my finger by the trigger. But I know the more about guns then you would think. So i would appreciate if you didn't talk your shit about someone you don't know personally. : ] It's not too mature, especially the name calling for someone of your age and owning a gun yourself.

Anonymous said...

p.s, just so you know, i did own a Desert Eagle, the time this was taken, it was a VII Desert Eagle in 44 magnum. But now ive moved on up to the 50 Cal XIX stainless. ;-]

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, after four years I think it's about time that you took my fucking picture off your profile. I am the guy holding the two AR15's and I am seriously getting annoyed with you still using my picture without my permission after all this time. So yeah, take it off.