11 June 2006

Sunday Owlblogging

I was walking home a couple of days ago, when I heard something from the trees that I hadn't before. You get familiar with the sounds your local birds make, and so, when something different comes along, you can really notice it.

Like the falcon that was hanging around the island, or a couple of screech owls that have taken up temporary residence outside my house.

Actually, it seems to be more than a mere couple. Today, I counted about six of them all around, in trees,

...situated on the ground (doing itss impersonation of the Air Force and Al-Zarqawi as it chews up a rodent--man, am I ever glad we finally got hold of that bastard)...

One on the telephone line,

Near our transformers,

And two out near the slough.

You come across some interesting animals out here, every now and then.

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