06 June 2006

Ahhhh, a good way to end the day...

Today, I took care of two hyperactive boys, handled some administrative stuff for my client, and set up foam insulation at the base of a foundation for a house we're building on the farm.

And so, at the end of the day, I have an Amber, and a little gun pr0n a friend picked up for me while cleaning some offices out in Fairbanks. It's an older (January 2005) issue of Handguns, but focused on concealed carry. Worth a read. When this shot was taken, I was taking in Massad Ayoob's article on concealing fullsize handguns.

Ehhhhh, nothing I really didn't know before, or practice in terms of holster selection and choice of clothing. It's mostly advice for cops who are deciding whether or not to get a smaller version of their service pistol for personal carry. Better for them to carry their service pistol. You're most familiar with it, and should you be involved in a personal defense scenario, it's better to have the courts confiscate the department's gun than your own.

One point worthy of mention, and of particular relevance to the caliber I normally carry: the longer barrel of fullsize pistols allows for more utilization of the powder energy in the .45 ACP than shorter ones.

The Alaskan Amber is tasty, as always. Those of you passing through AK should not leave the state without drinking at least one.

Of course, a perfect day might involve all of the above, plus returning from the range after having a dead-on day, and enjoying a relaxing evening with my wife (or not-so-relaxing, some strain is good, if you catch my drift). Naturally, I'd have to find that wife first...

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