24 February 2006

Cindy Sheehan in Germany

Read this over at Black Five: Sheehan is protesting against the war...no surprise there, but she's protesting against the use of a facility in Germany that treats our returning wounded.

I can understand her position. She lost her son, so why should anyone else get theirs back?

OK, OK, I'm about to get worked up here. About all the trips she's making (Venezuela, now Germany?), all paid for by the blood of her son, whose honor she is pissing on with every protest she makes.

But you know, the more we bitch about it, the more we're giving her what she wants...attention. And the more we're giving the leftist cause what it wants--an open ear to hear their twisted side of the story, regardless of the facts that this is a justified war.

And Casey Sheehan honored it with his sacrifice. I'll drink a Silver Gulch to you tonight, son.

So, we need to handle this smarter...not ignore her outright (that would cut off many to the voices of reason we represent), but treat it like the low-priority matter it is. Watch her star fizzle and be forgotten.

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