26 February 2006

Idiot Watch: Cindy Sheehan and the Gulf States

Ok, so I'm backing off on my call to ease up on the Cindy-slamming. So sue me.

For those of you who haven't seen this already, the left's Medienhure des Tages decides to loan her "star power" to "call attention to" the devastation Louisiana and its neighboring states are still suffering under.

Click here to watch the video.

The question naturally arises--what on earth does Cindy have anything to do with the victims of Hurricane Katrina?

The Fox Anchorwoman in the interview asked Cindy the same thing. Her response: "I believe the hurricane and the war are intimately connected."

Double-take. The hurricane and the war are intimately connected.



Let's attempt to understand this intimate connection, shall we?

Bush is responsible for the hurricanes; Bush is responsible for Iraq. Wow. I didn't realize the Executive branch had power to levy war and create weather patterns. I wonder if the "living document" theory gave him those abilities somewhere along the way.

Iraq has a Gulf to the south; Louisiana has a Gulf to the south...both are Gulf States! Aha! The intimate connection gets clearer all the time!

We sent troops to New Orleans; we sent troops to Iraq. Both have looters and "insurgents." Man, this intimate connection stuff is exciting!

Louisiana and Iraq both have an "i" and an "a" in their names!

Getting back to the interview...what should we do about this "intimate connection?" Sheehan, in her wisdom, says we should "quit dumping money in the war in Iraq, bring our tax dollars home, and help Americans who need the help."

I get it. If you're in uniform, you're not an American. That's OK--it's to be expected from a Moonbat.

Then, of course, there's her talk with Hugo Chavez--go find an intimate connection there! Hold on, Venezuela is a Gulf State, too, it gets hurricanes, there's a big looter in the Casona, and it has an "a" in the name.

Anyway, she talked with Chavez about "how we can forge bonds between our countries that won't involve any kind of violence. I am adamantly opposed to killing, killing in any way."

Eye twitch.


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Van Helsing said...

So the Ditch Witch is against killing in any way? I didn't know she had taken a stand on abortion.