26 February 2006

Handgun Coleslaw, Redux

As promised, I made yet another visit to the compost heap, but today's experiment came with a bonus. My next-door neighbor came along, with his 1911.

A 9mm, which lent a lot of insight into the lighter-faster vs. heavier-slower argument that has been going on between wondernine advocates and old-school .45ers.

Case in point: The Cor-Bon performed slightly better than the standard 230gr FMJ load I had used before. It dug a noticeable channel through the cabbage, and as you can see in this video, knocked the target around a little when hit.

Rich's Wondernine: You could hardly tell you hit the target. Closer examination of the cabbage showed entry & exit, but you had none of the break-apart devastation you saw with the .45 and .44.

Naturally, the Desert Eagle gave the most satisfactory, and visually entertaining results, especially this special shot we set up, putting the camera next to the cabbage.

Click here to watch the video.

My conclusions so far? You don't have to settle for just faster-lighter or slower-heavier. You can get the best of both worlds--the heavier weight bullet and the higher muzzle velocities--with a good .44 magnum.

The experiment isn't totally complete. We have yet another neighbor with a .40 who would like to get in on it. Watch for the post when it happens!

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