23 February 2006

They've got their turbans wrapped too tight!

Over the last month, it has been quite an interesting trip watching the Islamists melt down time and again.

With the Cartoons--they've ripped up the wrong flag, attacked the wrong country, again, burned down a restaurant with no stake in the matter (I think they thought the Colonel's name was Hans Christian Sandersen)...

And they blame everyone else but themselves, as exemplified by the video in this post, further demonstrated by blaming the cartoons on some sort of Zionist conspiracy, and repeat their favorite excuse (i.e., it's all the fault of the U.S. and Israel) once again as a lame explanation for the bombings of a Shiite Mosque.

You see, it's a vicious cycle with these idiots. They get pissed, decide to blow something up, and when the world reacts in a way they didn't particularly like (say, by showing some backbone instead of cowering in fear and buckling to their demands), they get pissed some more, and go blow something else up.

Ahhhhh, Mohammedan diplomacy. You know, I didn't know that the Koran's prescription for circumcision included taking a knife to your frontal lobe as well. That's why they wear turbans!

As for Ahmadinej(ih)ad, he covers his scars with a toupee.

Now, some meathead in a black turtleneck and a dainty little bottle of Dasani will protest, "Well, the West started all this" and point to the Crusades.

(Kind of like this moron--this Nicholas Baptiste--with an absolutely ridiculous spin on WWII. This, my friends, is your brain on leftist-spin historical revisionism.)

Bullsh*t. I studied the Crusades. The one that started them off was a reaction to Muslim aggression, that is, forcibly taking Jerusalem. Get your facts straight.

They are almost always the ones to pick a fight first, even though they are not quite clear why they are so pissed, or at whom.

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