25 February 2006

Sharia Law Comes West

Evan Coyne Maloney of Brain-Terminal has an interesting article on how Western Mainstream Media has already caved into Sharia Law. Check out his article.

While you're at it, try to download a copy of his independent film "Brainwashing 101." It gives some examples of how our institutions of higher learning are becoming no more than leftist political puppy mills.

The video is 79MB, but well worth the download. If only to get a glimpse of Glenn Reynolds.

On the lighter side of the same subject, check out IMAO's podcast from August 22.

And I have 10 rounds of Cor-Bon 200gr +P JHP ready to terrorize another cabbage with. I'll do that for my break from researching for my history class. Digital camera will be in tow...

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