14 May 2006

All Right, You Gun Owners, Get In On This Project!

ArmedAmerica.org! It's a work in progress, but seeks to do the opposite of the Million Moonbat March over at controlarms.org in putting faces (and very normal ones at that) on responsible gun ownership.

The guy ultimately wants to collect his photos and put them in a sort of book, but for the time being, is posting them on his website. I personally wouldn't mind having my picture among them, like something below (although the guy doing the project takes much nicer photos).

Jeremy Hatfield
Foreign Languages Instructor
Delta Junction, AK

With his .44 Desert Eagle.

Jeremy: Not all academicians lean left. Part of understanding an issue with an "open mind" involves personal, first-hand investigation and hands-on experience. Then you see if your opinions and prejudices held any weight. Unfortunately, most of our academic elite never gets past forming their own opinions.

Get in touch with the guy, and help his project along!


BobG said...

Just curious, in what languages are you proficient?
The only language I took formally was Latin, during high school, but since then I have done some studying on various languages, mainly from a comparitive viewpoint, with most of the study on grammar.

Anonymous said...

yeah I am the only Conservative gun owner (rifles only) here at my Community College.
Mike Schau

The Mad Hatter said...

Bobg--as far as out-and-out proficiency goes, German is my area of expertise. I've studied a lot in terms of Germanic linguistics, taken some medieval German, and as a result, also understand other Germanic languages fairly well. I'm currently working on getting Norwegian down (and with it, Danish and Swedish).

I've also studied French and Spanish, and a tiny bit of Italian. But I tend to like the Germanic family better.

BobG said...

How well does the Deagle handle heavy loads? I have some for my Rugers that use 300 grain, and have done some with a 320 grain.

The Mad Hatter said...


MRI doesn't really recommend 300gr bullets and heavier for loads shot through the Desert Eagle. 240gr is considered a standard bullet weight for that pistol.

So, you make up for the "lighter" bullet by loading with a higher performance powder (I've played around with Vihta Vuori N110 so far).