09 May 2006

More on ADs, New Use for Magazine Pouch

One more thought on "Accidental Discharges:" I generally tend to view them the same way I view automobile "accidents." The term "accident" tends to be a dodge, a way of admitting that something happened, but it wasn't entirely your fault. It's rather symptomatic of the victim mentality our society has been nurturing for a few decades now.

But if you honestly analyzed these kind of situations, such "accidents," whether it be an unwanted pregnancy, a fender-bender, or an "unintended discharge," can be traced back to some act of negligence--just not paying attention or skipping over some preventative measure, hoping probability will turn a blind eye to your circumstances.

Unfortunately, physical laws are hard to bypass once they're set in motion, and then you experience what some call an "onosecond."

You know what a nanosecond is. An onosecond is the period of time that passes between your doing something dumb and realizing that some sort of consequence is going to follow.

So, in the realm of firearms, most ADs tend to be NDs. You may not have intended for the pistol to go off, but who kept you from putting your finger on the trigger before you were ready to shoot?

Or, who kept you from ordering a handgun from a manufacturer who skimped on a manual safety in order to help bring down costs?


I ordered an iPod Nano last week. It came in yesterday. Since I do intend on carrying it with me when working at the greenhouse or the woodshop or sitting out in the parking lot at Rika's as Park Host, I would naturally need some sort of carrying case.

My particular solution: my magazine pouch. The iPod slips in one space, and you can wind up the headphones and cord and store them in the other.

I carried it around in Fairbanks today while taking my client to his doctors' appointments. Afterwards, we went to Fred Meyers for some groceries. I was looking for a USB recharger for it, and found it in the electronics department.

The clerk thought it was a cool idea, cooler than the pouches normally made for iPods.

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