20 May 2006

More whacky academicians

Ahhh, academia. Where else could you make a profession out of telling the world how much you are in love with your opinion?

OK, there's the mainstream media. And politics.

And blogging. But I don't get paid for this.

At any rate, when your opinion becomes all-encompassing, sooner or later you are going to have to fudge the facts to make it look like you're onto something real.

You saw it happen to Dan Rather and the folk over at CBS. Apparently, Ward Churchill forgot that lesson. So his academic dishonesty has finally bit him in the ass.

These guys will get caught in snare of their own making sooner or later.


ranger nick said...

They live in a strange world that is for sure. Life must be surreal to them 24/7. They believe objects are bad and people are all good. Scared of things that could save their lives, and tell women not to resist if attacked. And academmia is cranking out thousands of these idiots. God save the world from these fools.

The Mad Hatter said...

Did you say, "acadummians?"