10 May 2006

Venezolana Bastard

Ahhh, Marxists...so much done in the name of the "people," but in the end, the only "people" these bastards are really interested in are "me," "myself," and "I."

And to think Cindy Sheehan (haven't heard much about her in the media nowadays...I guess her 15 minutes expired, and not a moment too soon) likes to cavort with these idiots, and her ilk burn incense to their images.

But who are the greater idiots? The guys on top, or the people who allow themselves to continue to be politically and economically sodomized on the bottom?

I guess these lefties must suffer from a sort of battered wife syndrome. "I know he really loves me..."

Uh-huh, the same way a pimp "loves" his ho. Gold-plated Deagle upside the head if you don't have his money kind of lovin'

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ranger nick said...

The only good Marxist is a DEAD one. Millions of people have died in the name of these bastards. Hollywood loves these clowns. Sheehan wasn't pretty enough to be a starlet, so they (the Marxist) stopped using her. She not too bright. Her grief must be huge, to be used like that. I pity her=(.