21 May 2006

OpenCarry.org has moved

I just got an email from the folk there that the've updated their forums:

As you may have noticed, the previous software we were using for the
forum had several deficiencies; most noticably, it would not allow

Even worse, several weeks ago, a simple upgrade resulted in the
unrecoverable corruption of the "Stories From The States" forum section.

Consequently, we have moved our forum to opencarry.mywowbb.com
<http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/> which is a hosted solution that does
have self-signup, as well as a number of features that the old board did
not. While this will cost us more, we hope that it will allow us to
continue to grow the community of those who wish to support open carry.
I haven't checked in with them for a while; the lack of self sign-up limited the membership to those who bothered to check in with John, and so the numbers were low.

Hopefully, these new measures will bolster discussion among the ranks of us open-carry advocates (and if you happen to be one of them, sign up!).

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