29 May 2006

Conservative, but no Nazi

Now, I am reputed by many on my farm to be a right-winger. In jest, some of my more left-leaning friends call me by the usual leftist epithet for anyone standing right of Mao: a Nazi or a fascist.

Kind of interesting, since the "S" in NSDAP stood for "Sozialistische," and they followed many socialist agendas: Winterhilfe (winter welfare for the impoverished), encouraging young women to have as many babies out of wedlock as possible for the Vaterland (with government financial assistance, natürlich), extensive gun control measures, and others.

And the Nazis, much like their modern socialist counterparts, hated Christianity. Or, at least, they tried to alter its face to make it more compatible with their agendas (not unlike you see the Dems trying to do with their latest attempts to appeal to evangelicals).

But my mindset is much different from any Nazi you'll come across. I'll explain by way of a communication given to me over Myspace (yeah, groan all you want. It has benefited me by getting me back in touch with several High School classmates, as well as a couple of serious and responsible Desert Eagle owners).

Now, I'm starting to get used to the porn-scammers over there. You know, some pretty 20-something purporting to want to get to know me...but by way of some link that leads to someone else's "adult" web enterprise.

But then I got a friend request from someone who calls himself "Full War." No picture of a person was featured, but rather, an emblem:
Makes you suspicious right of the bat, eh? I clicked on the profile, and found it to be of a band kind of like Skrewdriver or Prussian Blue--lots of White Power rhetoric in its music, weblog entries, and comments.

Sheesh. How did these people get hold of me? True, I am conservative. I am white. I like Germanic languages, cultures, and history. I like large-caliber firepower. I don't like large, intrusive, government. I don't like fringe groups whining about their "rights" and demanding all of us to bow down to their demands. I think "Affirmative Action" should be done away with, as well as most of the handouts deadbeats exploit at the expense of those of us who actually work.

But, I am not so fearful of a whiny few that I feel I need to believe my race to be superior to them. Or rather, that theirs is inferior to mine. White Pride is as legitimate as Black Pride, or Native Pride, but any racial pride loses its nobility when you feel you have to denigrate others to keep yourself elevated.

What's more, I don't really think these bozos genuinely believe in race issues. Something else is really the matter here. The clearest evidence is my response to him:

Weiße Kraft?

Interessiere mich nicht dafür, aber trotzdem Danke

(White Power?
I'm not interested in it, but thanks anyway)

I did this deliberately to test what sort of dude this was. I wasn't disappointed. He responded:

spekenze English?

You see, these guys love all the German (well, Nazi) regalia--the uniforms, the swastikas, the slogans, the antisemitism--but I have yet to come across one who has bothered to dive deeper into the culture itself, like learn the language (much less the literature of pre-20th-century Germany). And so, they come across as a bunch of ignorant, shallow, culturally illiterate wannabes (matter of fact, a few Germans who posted comments on their profile called them such) more in love with their own fears than the culture they purport to promote.

And if they did, they'd see the Oberflächlichkeit of what they call White Power.


Mrsbadger88 of Stormfront said...

I am proud to be White, yet I am not a Nazi and don't care to learn German (much to the disapointment of my Oma). I am a wonderful mother of 4 beautiful (yes White) children, wear sun dresses and have an IQ in the 140s. No one would suspect me or my husband of being proud to be White.

I think you need to search more into the true culture of the White Nationalist, racialist, whatever term floats your boat. We are not all goosestepping and lacing boots. We are active in our beliefs of preserving our heritage and race for the betterment of our children and grandchildren. Is that so wrong?

It isn't about being better than or superior to, it's about being proud of our race's accomplishments just as every other race is encouraged to have pride in whatever it is that makes their culture and history great. By the way, my family is not the exception in the White Nationalist movement. Common good, hardworking families are the norm. I wish you some enlightenment on what you have so hastily judged.

For Folk and Family,

The Mad Hatter said...


If you're the sort that hasn't bought into the PC BS that suggests we should somehow be ashamed to be white, I salute you, and apologize for having misrepresented you.

However, if you are the type that feels the need to showcase the perceived shortcomings of other races to celebrate the pride in your own, then unfortunately, you fall into the stereotype.

But I'll take your advice and look into the matter more myself. Any suggestions where I should look?