23 May 2006

Various Ramblings

Four CDs I ordered from Grrrrrrr records came in today--all of them Blues work by a Christian artist I had been introduced to in the early '90s. A friend of mine and I blasted to "Trimmed 'n' Burnin'" by Glenn Kaiser and Darrell Mansfield on a road trip after I graduated from WCU. I had bought a copy of the tape myself, and held onto it until I gave it away to a music enthusiast in south FL in the late '90s who I thought would enjoy the sound and maybe get something out of the message.

Uploaded them (the other three are Slow Burn, Spontaneous Combustion, and Ripley County Blues) to the iPod last night, and was listening to them off and on all day today. Good stuff. I really enjoy Blues--for the most part, it's the most sincere genre out there.


Took a few friends shooting this afternoon. I wasn't quite as on today as I would have liked. Some days, it seems I'm more prone to flinching than others.

Anyway, one of the guys, a Glockhead, made a comment that I found very distasteful. It had nothing to do with comparing brands (he complimented the feel of the H&K), but his reactions to slaughtering cows. Again, urbanized folk just don't realize what goes in to processing the food they so readily eat. So, when they're face to face with it, it repulses them. I know, I was there, too, when I first moved up here from around Ft. Lauderdale.

He said he couldn't bring himself to kill an innocent cow. He'd have no problems shooting a person in self-defense, but not something like a cow.

I bit my tongue. I'd be more ready to shoot any beast than a person, myself. I concluded that this really isn't the kind of guy I would trust to handle a firearm responsibly. Not with that mindset. I see guns as a means of preserving human life.


ranger nick said...

Leave that guy home next time. A cow is more important that a human? On the range today, a young buck came out of the woods to eat some grass in front of the impact area. All shooting stopped till he walked back to the forest. Comments where made about how good he would taste. No one killed him. Just thoughts of deer season. Would your friend shoot a human if it walked out in front of him at the range? Could be a fur-hugger. Despises people. Leave him at home

Dave said...

I'd kill a cow in a second if I was hungry, but it is simple and easy to understand. The hypothetical cow is helpless. The hypothetical attacker in question certainly is not.
Now of course if he isn't a vegetarian then he is a hypocrite for not being willing to kill to get his own food.
Even so, the idea that someone who is reluctant to shoot an animal that isn't doing anything to them values animal life more than human life is absurd.
It is simple human nature to be unwilling to harm the helpless. Watch the reaction people have when a child, woman, or even a dog is violently victimized or killed in a film or tv show, and you will see what I mean.