09 March 2006

007: What a wuss!

Now, I knew that the latest Bond, Daniel Craig, was an anti. I read about his stance on guns in Time or Newsweak (that is not a typo, btw) a couple of months ago.

I didn't know about Connery. I didn't know about Moore. Nor Brosnan. But you know, stepping back and looking at the whole picture, it doesn't surprise me. Like education, you only get your foot in the door if you can parrot the party line.

But what bothers me is this line from Moore:

“Today,” Moore declared, “I am completely opposed to small arms and what they can do to children. I played every role tongue-in-cheek because I don’t really believe in that sort of hero. I don’t like guns.”

Didn't keep him from making a few movies in the 80s, did it? Yeah, Rodge, your conscience must have grown heavier with your bank account.

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