15 March 2006

Another reason not to vote for Hillary

I read David Brooks' column, which elicited this commentary from Ann Althouse, in the News-Miner today (whose own attempts at editorials are usually sophomoric, so they fill in with NYT columnists in an attempt legitimize themselves as something more than an alternative to Cottonelle).

Now, I don't know David Brooks to be a conservative columnist--I've seen him rip into Bush & Company on more than a few occasions. So, to have someone like him write a column like this about the Demorrhoids' next great white hope makes me stand up and take notice.

Ann Althouse gives the meatier parts of the column, but I have distilled it further into these two paragraphs:

This episode — which combines buckraking with pandering — brings back the Clinton years at their worst: the me-me-me selfishness, the occasional presumption that humanity exists to serve Team Clinton.

It also shows Clinton doesn't understand her political weaknesses. First, nobody, not even among her friends, is totally sure she actually believes in anything, or whether she just coldly calculates political advantage. This episode reinforces that sense.

The highlighted portion is the most disconcerting thing about Hillary. She doesn't stand for anything except her own pursuit of power. Such a one is not really deserving of the highest office in the land.

Why is it that the Dems are so rife with these types?

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