30 March 2006

Sniper Deagle!

OK, the spree is at its end. I have spent way more money than I have in any other week without having a girlfriend, but hopefully, it has all been worth it.

Bought a case of UMC .45 ammo. 250 rounds at $60, I had to snatch it up. Range report to come.

I also had some trouble finding a scope in town that would fit the Deagle. Seems like all the good hunting scopes are way too long for the 6" barrel. I was concerned about two things: one, having it hang over the muzzle (bad idea) and two, having it hang over the ejector port. The latter isn't a problem with wheelguns. I guess we have a little bias in the handgun scope industry, but since most of your magnum handguns are revolvers, from a marketing standpoint it sounds reasonable.

Anyway, I settled for a 2x red dot scope.

Expect another range report in the near future, evaluating its effectiveness as an accuracy enhancer.

That along with an account of my first attempts at handloading. I'm really looking forward to that.

Oh, and I got to see how allergic a liberal Californian can be to handguns. A friend who used to live in Delta came back for a surprise visit. I was on my way out to exchange the Bushnell trophy scope I found was too long for the Deagle, and a couple of guys in the house were commenting to our returning friend about the "weapon of mass destruction" I owned.

Knowing Nancy is a flaming liberal (so she should feel right at home in the People's Republik), I pulled it out of the case and showed it to her. She gasped, and asked, "Is it legal?"

I nodded, but said it wasn't legal in CA without a few modifications (you know, reduce the magazine capacity to one, have a permanent child safety lock installed on it, and have the bluing changed to something more pastel, etc.), and offered it to her to hold.

She recoiled as if she were a vampire being offered a crucifix, which I kind of expected from someone like her (contrast that to the feisty Italian grandmother who also lives on the farm. The day I brought the Deagle home, I showed it to her while examining it in our meat prep room. She couldn't wait to get her hands on it. Hope she isn't giving the stewards on the cruise ship she's on too much grief.).

Heh. Gotta love those leftists.

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the pistolero said...

"Bought a case of UMC .45 ammo. 250 rounds at $60, I had to snatch it up."

Yeee-haaa, as we say in Texas. ;-) I got my Springfield GI 1911 back from the shop today, with a new extractor. 250 rounds of .45 ACP goodness sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Costs about the same here in Texas, and I have the weekend off, so there's much fun to come!