22 March 2006

Not quite a Million Moonbat March

Nope, this has little to do with controlarms.org. Except it shares a common source: the misguided, misinformed alternative to reality known as Moonbat ideology.

This jewel comes courtesy of the Swoose. It's a classic example of the futility and vacuousness of Moonbattery:

  • Cindy Sheehan says "the government is the enemy"
  • She says she's been too busy traveling the world to put a headstone on her son's grave
  • Roughly 100 protesters attended this march, on the 3rd anniversary of the war.
  • Some of them really didn't know what they were protesting about
  • Holding your hands behind your back really gives you the full "Guantanamo experience."

Ah yes, Moonbats--their material gets funnier all the time!

Evan Coyne Maloney of Brain Terminal comments on this very thing: Three Years of Lousy Predictions:

In the three years since the Iraq war started, 2,317 American military personnel have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. In a war that's constantly compared to Vietnam, it is quite illuminating to note that in a single month of fighting during the Vietnam war--May 1968--2,316 Americans lost their lives.

Chants of "Vietnam" were the mode in Desert Storm. They were the Moonbattle-cry of Afghanistan, and later, Iraq.

In all three, guess what--we stomped 'em. But still, the Moonbats chant "Vietnam! Vietnam!"

I've gotten the idea over the years that it's more of a taunt than a warning. You see, from a standpoint of military operations, we really didn't lose in Vietnam. I've heard several stories from men who were there (e.g. Ralph Zumbro's afterword in his book Tank Aces. He was a tanker in Vietnam) reflecting this notion.

No, our victories were pissed away by left-leaning oversensitive pantywaist politicians who allowed a bunch of lazy spoiled rich kids hold them by the balls.

For the communist-loving Left, it was something of a victory. And they celebrated it by treating our returning troops--those who risked their necks on the frontline instead of living what amounted to a big frat party at home--as if they were the lower-level occupants of a two-story outhouse.

If Casey Sheehan's memorial (WHERE'S THE BLEEDING HEADSTONE, "MOM") is any indication, leftists would want to give our returning troops the same reception. His media-frottaging halfwit of a mother gladly prostitutes herself for any leftist prick (yes, Hugo, that includes you) who will dump her as soon as he's done making her moan for his cause (I predict that she will go the way of former media darling Matthew Shepard once the '08 elections are done, if not sooner). But she's been doing so at the expense of Casey's memory . And her cheapness is starting to show. She used to be an A-list media slut. Now she's being relegated to speaking at C-list "rallies" numbering fewer than 100.

But, getting back to Vietnam, it has been the only victory the Moonbats have really been able to savor. some 15 years later, the Workers' Paradise found itself falling apart by economic and moral decay, East Bloc nation by East Bloc nation. It still seems to have "footholds" in Latin America, but these really amount to little more than Banana Dictatorships thinly disguised as "Peoples'" revolutions.

There is that bouffant-sporting buffoon in Asia, but again, he is a dictator ("Dear" my hiney). China has made itself powerful, but only after borrowing from the wealth-creating principles of capitalism.

Marxism has proven itself a failure in every nation that has tried to implement it. But somehow, liberals worldwide still think they can pull it off, and will grasp at any straws that will support this fantasy.

In our country, they think Vietnam was proof that Marxism can beat Liberty. And so they beat that dead horse still.

Gratuitous BT pimping: Be sure you check out Evan's independent film projects over at Brain Terminal, and On The Fence Films

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