11 March 2006

Shooters...straight from the horse's *ahem*

The first (but certainly not the last) site to make it to my "Birdcage" list (see the sidebar) are a couple of antigunbloggers.

Their motto: "Where everyone's a straight shooter." Sure. More like left and down.

Exempli Gratia--they attempt to slam two Constitutional rights in the same post: 1A (not the freedom of speech part, natürlich, nor the freedom of assembly part) and 2A.

Their gripe--paraphrased--"gunloversarealsogodloverssowhydonttheywantto carrygunsinachurchhuhhahahahaiguesstheydon't reallybelieveinthatrighthoohoohoo weresoclever"

The way they portray gun owners' attitudes about 2A, it makes me wonder if they consider hate speech and libel a legitimate 1A right (whoops, they already proved the latter).

I mean, after all, if we're going to support citizens' rights (I forget, the whole concept of citizenship is foreign to the Politburo mentality), shouldn't we support the whole right, not just a half or a quarter of it?

Happily, most gun owners are a lot more balanced than these moonbats.

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