16 March 2006

More on Saddam's "Nonexistent" WMD program

Now critics need to take a tall glass of shut-up juice.

Returning Troops have talked about them.

Saddam's own Generals have talked about them.

Now you have it straight from the horse's...well, you get the picture.

Bush was right, guys. And so was the intel the previous administration had, but for whatever reason, chose not to act on it.

And speaking of the link, don't forget to check out Evan's progress on Indoctrinate U., the film about bias in academia. If his first film on the matter, "Brainwashing 101" is any indication of his work, it will be a good one indeed.

You're welcome for the gratuitous pimping, Ev. I don't do this for work I think is really crappy or amateurish. The guns I choose are quality, the matters I support are quality. It's just how I am.

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